Ol Maisor Ranch – 22nd June 

Just received from Ol Maisor – 

An interesting day – spent the whole of today dealing with the owners of yesterday’s herds of impounded illegal grazing cattle. Owners are usual suspects from the grazing committee, all the same people you help out in tough times still doing all the illegal grazing!

In amongst all the impounded cattle herds we found one with a stolen Ol Maisor heifer in its ranks. The brands and ear notches had been defaced but couldn’t hide from the bolus reader. Four Samburu guys were arrested, one of which made a run for it but we caught him and he confessed to stealing it. 

Day 163 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 286 -Wednesday 21st June

Another day with no breaks in boundary stonewall by illegal cattle and their herders – a couple of breaks by elephant breaking in, which were repaired by the Patrol teams.

Stonewalling and fence repairs continue along with the barley and the fixing of the next barley greenhouse.

A couple of days ago we visited our bull herd grazing and being fed away from the farm, looked through the mob of unique Kifuku genetics to register any eligible bulls for sale to other Boran breeding studs as well as the sale of commercial grade Bulls. 

Was great to see them looking so good compared to the stock remaining here on the farm – huge thanks are due to the amazing friends hosting our cattle, we had hoped we could have brought them all back to the farm by now but with way less than average rainfall and no grazing this just isn’t feasible.  

Day 161 / 162 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 284 / 285 Monday 19th Tuesday 20th June

Two more days with zero breaks in the boundary stonewall, patrols continued by the Foot Patrol crew, by vehicle and supported by the NPR’s and Police.

Farm projects  continue with new fences completed, the barley doing really well with plans now to increase production by moving and converting one of the fish greenhouses – will be good to be able to feed all of the cattle here some each day.

Sosian Ranch – 20th June 

Just received from Sosian – 

Life goes on here and what now feels like normal is really not. Days are spent chasing illegal grazers and catching herders. Eight arrests made by the Police on us today and estimate 2000 head of cattle coming on every day from neighbouring community lands. While driving around we came across this interesting road block- beats trees and rocks and sadly due to the manipulation of the people by their leaders there is no lack of carcasses to use for a roadblock. With the lack of rain there will be lots more to add to the count as well.

Suyian Ranch – 19th June

Just received from Suyian – 

Sandalwood poachers given bail today of 100,000/= and next hearing is on 27th June. Meanwhile the rest of the sandalwood team just moved to another ridge and pulling it out flat out….vehicle collecting it at night. I strongly suspect that the three who are out on bail will not turn up as 100,000/= is nothing for them.