27 January 2017

DAY 19. Part 2: …Friday …the rest of the day passed with watching armed groups gathering, dispersing , gathering again….herds and herds of illegal cattle coming in, joined by huge herds of sheep and goats……now the leaves are been hacked off the olive trees to feed the goats…..

Positives we didn’t get shot at and had no cattle stolen, dairy cows love their food and the recovered stolen cows tucking in and slowly looking stronger.

Apparently there was another peace meeting held….we haven’t yet been informed of what was discussed even though it is about us !!!

Going to be posting more and more photos….some pretty distressing for which I apologize but this stuff needs to go mainstream somehow…..as I have said before this is not about ‘Kiangazi na Nyasi’ – ‘drought and grass’, it is a sinister plan!!!!

Please share to everyone, tell everyone, it is not just the ranches suffering …..hundreds of other farmers are too.

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