28 January 2017

DAY 20 -of violence, mayhem, shooting and no respect for private property.

Saturday 28th January……normally Saturday morning is when all our cattle get their weekly bath and walk through the spray race and are sprayed to get rid of ticks and flies and help control tick borne diseases. We couldn’t do this last Saturday or this morning due to the water pump below the dam being vandalised and will need to make a plan soon. We will take it up by water bowser but had to get on top of watering the cattle by bowser first. Our day then pretty much carried on as ‘normal’ – keeping tabs on the remaining cattle constantly by phone with all the herdsman, as having had a base radio stolen, our radio coms are compromised. We then do the same with the staff who now are at various posts looking out for movement of armed men ……. A crazy situation……many of you will have seen more photos I posted yesterday of my brother’s house with more theft and destruction having happened since my husband first got there on Friday morning.

This is not just happening to the big farms, the small scale subsistence farmers are having a very tough time too, their crops are being invaded, their livestock stolen. It is not a small little problem that will quietly disappear….this is a BIG ISSUE.

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