George and Lola, two of my sister in laws’s dogs that lived at my younger brother’s house on the dam. Home bred and went to Nairobi as youngsters but came back when their owner left the country. These well bred Rottweilers went through 5 days of agony…..George was SPEARED, Lola SHOT and SPEARED and left to die. Four days later when the security forces deemed it safe enough to approach they were both still alive. George in the garage and Lola in the bathroom, so relieved to see my husband, who couldn’t do anything except put them out of their misery.

The police recording the crime scene were extremely sensitive to this wanton brutality. Hopefully their deaths will not be in vain through publication of this post.

How can this be anything to do with ‘Kiangazi na Nyasi’ -‘drought and grass’ as we keep being told.


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