30 January 2017

DAY 22– of violence, mayhem, shooting, looting
Monday…..our day was pretty peaceful in comparison to what happened on Suyian Ranch yesterday….. Life’s work and home to old family friends …..the lodge Suyian Soul destroyed by illegally armed gunmen. We keep being told this is all about ‘Kiangazi na Nyasi’ – drought and grass !!! Well as days go by and more places are affected it’s more and more obvious it isn’t……If it is the case why the senseless destruction of property….water pumps, generators, boreholes, houses, and now Suyian Soul. When Suyian Soul was just opening, my husband and I were guides on safari with an amazing family from California….this was one of the places we stayed and was still being finished……on that same safari we stayed in some other amazing camps and lodges but at the end of the trip Suyian Soul came out as the highlight for those clients. Sending big hugs and love to the whole Suyian family…..

Please follow the Laikipia Land Invasions twitter page @laikipinvasion There are photos of the gunmen attack at Suyian and also photos of the looting! Please please SHARE what is happening in Laikipia !


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