10th February 2017

DAY 33 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc etc….Friday 10th

It seems about 80% of the huge numbers of livestock have moved off….two main reasons from how I see it….we are almost out of grass and reduced to a dust bowl on most of the farm and 2. An APC (armored personel carrier) !!! came into Rumuruti on Thursday…….am sure that gave Safaricom and Airtel some extra shillings as the chat would have been got out pretty quickly.

Mid morning a large contigent of police arrived including the APC and spent time on the farm patrolling and just outside where the cattle bomas /enclosures had been built to hold cattle overnight while grazing here during the day and flattening and burning them.

The Kenya Police Airwing helicopter did a quick flight round too and the only stock seen were small numbers on the western boundary and then quite a bit on the eastern boundary.

Hopefully this operation by the police will flush out the last few groups of livestock and more importantly the armed men and we can slowly think about rebuilding the farm. Our priority will be securing the boundary and rebuilding the stonewall and redoing the electric fence……hopefully with police support as after 5 months we are sure there will still be some resistance……. If the Police can clean up the whole area around us then maybe we will succeed……5 months to the day and we take out first tiny steps forward…..here’s hoping the bumps in the path ahead are easy to navigate over ……

More hay arrived to keep the cows happy and well fed….huge thanks again to everyone helping us with this.

We feel for all the other farmers, big and small who are now having similar hassles and hope and pray that they can get through these crazy times without the damage, violence and shooting that we’ve been through and that law and order will be restored in Laikipia West.

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