Day 46 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 167 – Thursday 23rd

Another day of rebuilding of the boundary stonewall but with the team being intimidated by 6 armed men who eventually chased them off their work and followed them back to where we could collect them….luckily everyone safe. 

Following on information it seems some of our neighbours on the Lorien section are informing the armed guys if and when and where they see anyone which is how they came so close to ambushing George and the crew on Wednesday. Trying to work with respected people in that community and the government to try and sort out this and the theft. It’s probably a small group who are in cahoots and have been doing the tree cutting, charcoal making and fence post and wire theft.

Still some illegal cattle inside, 4 herds of Pokot cattle on western side and 2 herds of Samburu cattle on northern side in the valley below the dam and hundreds and hundreds of head of small stock….all of this makes the rebuilding a challenge as sections keep getting rebroken but probably over 60% is now done which is amazing. Frustrating but at least we have made progress.

To brighten up our day and push out positive vibes for everyone in this chaos on Mugie, Suyian, Sosian, Ol Maisor, Lombara – this photo is of all the Bulls that were stolen and found near Mugie, after a week or so’s rest on Mugie they came home and lived in the garden !!! A happy day in all the dark ones…….

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