Day 47 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 168 – Friday 24th

After the last two days of hassle, intimidation and potential life threatening danger we decided to avoid working on the boundary stone wall and instead repaired some internal stonewall. 

Patrols were carried out within the farm to keep us upto date with what is going on – still some illegal livestock coming in but no armed men seen in the farm, but others seen outside on the western and northern boundary. Breaks in the stonewall are in the same places that we have repaired every day for the last week….very frustrating !

Police patrolled the whole area which should really help the situation with the opportunistic neighbours stealing and hopefully encourage the remaining illegal grazers to leave.

Ranches north of Rumuruti still covered in illegal cattle and a tense situation after a Pokot employee shot dead. 

An all round extremely sad and worrying situation !

Please keep sharing and talking about what is happening in Laikipia.

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