Day 48 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 169 – Saturday 25th

Illegal livestock still coming in, mostly small stock on the eastern boundary and herded by small children with the adults presumably armed tucked away watching for our next move…
More livestock maybe a thousand head of cattle and again a lot of small stock on western and northern boundarys.
The majority of the boundary stonewall is complete apart from the continuous breaks, which is good as livestock is now moving back from the Abedares and heading north so it’s important that they don’t try come in here again !!!
Although not working rebuilding the boundary the crew are still out there, rebuilding where necessary and patrolling and reporting back.
One of the gates dividing paddocks of grazing that had been stolen was found hidden in thick bush that we have started clearing so another tiny step forward.
Dairy cows were given a whole pickup load of cut maize plants and was fun to watch them so excited eating green stuff ! 
Please keep sharing and talking about what is happening in Laikipia…..many people don’t believe it is still going on, BUT IT IS.

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