Ol Maisor Ranch – update 4 and 5

Received 26th Feb afternoon

Probably 3000 head of Pokot illegal cattle grazing today just in the eastern area. Maybe 15-20 groups and armed visibly with spears , and seen trying to chase down and kill eland.
Haven’t managed to get up the top end yet. received info that alot of Samburu herds heading to Ol Maisor from LNC.
All illegal cattle looking very large and fat – not at all drought stricken.
Thousands of sheep and goats on our northern and western boundary despite wazee’s direction to leave them outside. We have been told to leave them or else farm security personel will be shot.

Received 24th Feb

We have more herds coming into corner Mbaya area, probably up to about 15 herds now. At least 4 pastoralist meetings going on today. Have received news from dam nyekundu area about a plan on invading Ol Maisor soon from the western side. We will wait and see

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