Sosian Ranch – update 6, 7 and 8

Just received 27th Feb

Cattle are now over 16000 head on us. 

Between the three ranches of Suyian Sosian and Ol Maisor we are carrying nearly 100000 head of illegal cattle. One of our security teams has just watched the Pokot run down and shoot a zebra. Another young elephant was seen with bullet wounds and we have reports of another elephant that was speared and the tusks removed which we are looking for. The sooner the game leaves the better as it will ALL get killed if it stays here.

Received 26th Feb afternoon
Distressing photos

Just shit with thousands of cattle all over goats coming in from the south big fires dead calves-sadly not enough,fences being cut and game getting absolutely hammered especially buffalo but also ele,lion ,giraffes,zebra and so on. Game just shot or speared and left. Years of building the wildlife up and getting it used to cars all disappearing by the day. Why bother with wildlife is the question I am asking myself over and over.

Received 25 Feb evening

About 15000 head of cattle here each day….a big fire today, started at one of the Pokot bomas, we decided to let it burn and watched loads of Pokot trying to put it out.

2 thoughts on “Sosian Ranch – update 6, 7 and 8

  1. This is ridiculous in the 21st century. There is no room anywhere for uncontrolled nomadic herds of cattle sheep and goats. Overstocking ought to be stopped immediately: it is not just the conservancies being wrecked but the whole Kenya economy. Instead of this pathetic electioneering Do Somethng Positive for Kenya and the law abiding Kenyans. If the so called pastoralists can’t understand the rule of law then get the army in and shoot all the cattle sheep and goats. Unless your government gets a grip on the situation instead of pussy footing around you will have no tourist industry left, no wildlife, no visitors and many many destitute wananchi dependent on aid. And your economy wrecked.
    Talk about – Nero fiddled while Rome burned – how apt. What a sorry state of affairs – poor Kenya. Not the Kenya I knew.


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