Suyian Ranch -update 1

Received 26th Feb afternoon 

Distressing  photos

Suyian is covered in thousands of cattle belonging to Maasai,Pokot and Samburu..there are also large numbers of sheep and goats in the river valley. The grass is running low now but there is still water in the river. We are having to move our own cattle closer to Ranch HQ as illegal grazers close in on our last area of grazing for our own cattle. The killing of wildlife continues on a daily basis most of the carcasses are either intact or a small piece of meat taken off or skin. The lack of wildife in our core area which is about 8,000 acres is really serious.We have never experienced such horrific and stressful times for wildlife,environment,and Suyian Ranch staff.We never know what will happen next.One of our top cattle herders was murdered in his house at night 3 days ago for no reason at all.

One thought on “Suyian Ranch -update 1

  1. Is there anyone out there? Anyone from the government who could possibly recognise how evil these people are being, how disrespectful they are being to livestock, wildlife and fellow human beings? How can they be allowed to continue with this behaviour? It is evil, and very bad behaviour. Why doesn’t anyone with power care? One can only surmise, and it is very sad to come to some obvious conclusions. Take away the guns, take away the poisons, give them something else to be proud of. It is up to those in power to work it out. Not the weak, but the strong. Your strength will be admired, your weakness in resolving this tragedy will be scorned. It is time to make it change.


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