Day 49 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 170 – Sunday 26th

Illegal stock still coming in both on the eastern boundary from Matigari breaking the stone wall repeatedly and into the Karai section which we havent yet tackled and from the western and northern boundarys. This is mostly hundreds and hundreds of head of sheep and goats but about 1000 head of cattle too. 

Patrols by our staff continued repairing any breaks in the wall and burning any thick patches. 

Had a long and interesting meeting which hopefully can help, they had driven all the way from Nairobi to come and see and hear for themselves about the situation.

The damage is phenomenal to the infrastructure to the farm and although we are achieving stuff it is a very high mountain to climb, there is no doubt it will never be the same again. Its crazy when you have to think of removing existing infrastructure to try take back control from illegal grazing by armed pastoralists and your now ‘opportunistic’ neighbours who have benefited from you for so long. 

This could be the new ‘normal’ and we have to think and plan for that ……

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