Day 50 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 171 – Monday 27th

50 shitty days in the last 171…..which is nearly half a year !!! Quite shocking when you stop and think about it. Crazy crazy times that have changed the whole way you look at life. I think I am a pretty positive person and try to see the best in everything but something like this pushes you to your limits. 

This morning I wrote ‘this could be the new ‘normal’ and we have to think and plan for that’ …it’s hard to see generations of hard work destroyed and try and work out the way forward, how can you catch up on 60 years of work ……a truly daunting task ahead.

So what happened today….there were 8 breaks in the repaired stonewall on the Pesi section – all now repaired again, 3 breaks in the repaired stone wall on the Lorian section and 1 break on the Karuwao section….again all repaired again….but then patrolling and rebuilding couldn’t continue as the Police officers with George and the building crew decided the next section was too unsafe…..this was where for two days last week we had hassles, George and the crew almost ambushed and fired at and staff chased off the following day. 

There is still illegal livestock inside the farm – hundreds of sheep and goats and quite a few herds of cattle, only children were seen with the stock, no doubt the adults wouldn’t have been far away…but it makes it pretty much impossible to do anything.

Further north the sheer numbers of illegal cattle on Suyian, Sosian and Ol Maisor are shocking and a huge amount of poaching too

Please please SHARE posts you read about what is going on in Laikipia – it’s hard to understand but so many people still don’t realise what is going on.

This isn’t Kiangazi na Nyasi.

One thought on “Day 50 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 171 – Monday 27th

  1. Hi, I am Ray Ulyate – a cousin of some description! I remember your Grandparents George & Preto as we used to visit them when I was a young lad…even think Father Christmas miraculously found me on their farm…..dont recall if he came down the chimney :)) I have very fond memories of my time spent with them and running around the farm – playing with the dogs etc….and then of course the massive Python skin which lined nearly 3 of the walls in the dining room. (I related this to Heather Rooken Smith last time I saw her and she was delighted that someone else remembered and had witnessed same…..I think she was starting to doubt her wonderful memory)
    So sorry to have heard about George’s premature departure. I had never met him but we had corresponded on my project which is marking on Google maps Farms owned by family members of the greater Ulyate, Aggett, Rooken-Smith clan. He was a font of knowledge and very helpful. When all this trouble started I was able to go into Google maps and could understand the lay of the farm, where his house was and yours (if not mistaken – near the dam) I had hoped to meet him on a future trip to Kenya. Sadly that wont happen.
    Your father, Clive, is an old buddy of by brother Stan and of course his name has been a familiar name in our household.
    I just wanted to email you and let you know that there is someone out there who reads your well written script, watched your video and posts on FaceBook. We may be may miles away, but hopefully knowing there is someone out there who cares may bring a smile to you, your family and all your hard and faithful employees who are standing by you in such hard times.
    KInd regards
    +64 272759697
    Auckland, New Zealand


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