Ol Maisor -update 6, 7 and 8

6.30 pm 28th Feb

Fire started by Samburu with sheep – left to burn

just received 2.30pm 28th Feb

Just been flying now, probably 10,000 sheep and goats all coming in around the boundary. have cut the fence twice in the last 20 mins

Just received 1pm 28th Feb

Thousands of sheep and goats on the northern side. 

Many cases of fence vandalism and abuse of farm security staff going on. 

Cattle still pouring in from the north eastern side of mawe nyeupe -probably up to 4000 odd head now. 

The cattle have muddied the dams so badly they now drinking at the river. Those drinking at the river are now coming into conflict with Kinamba town residents trying to do their washing in water getting crapped in and muddied by thousands of cattle.

Thousands of illegal goats and sheep coming in from Mathira side –  farm security staff probably removed 2-3000 this morning

One thought on “Ol Maisor -update 6, 7 and 8

  1. So wish we could wave a magic wand to return your lives and all those that you love,
    the animals and the peoples of Kenya back to happier times. Have courage & good luck.


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