Sosian Ranch -update 9

Just received 5.45 pm 3rd March…..Photos received and added 7.45pm

Here is what has happened on Sosian in the last 24hrs. 

A police operation began to remove the invaders and very quickly came under heavy gunfire from Pokot and Samburu. One officer was wounded and the police pulled back. 

Last night two houses on the southern end belonging to the shareholders were burned and the occupants managed to escape. 

Today with over 250 police nothing has really changed- Richard Constants house was burned at around 3pm, we have not been able to get there still. 

A police convoy on patrol was ambushed near Kinamba and sustained heavy gunfire all the way back to Sosian HQ. We now have all the cattle here and hopefully enough officers to repel an attack expected tonight on the HQ.

Reinforcements apparently arriving tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Sosian Ranch -update 9

  1. Pastoralists had earlier advised you that they will harm nothing if you allow them to graze peacefully.

    You did a big mistake by deploying security agencies to come and killed their cattle.

    The pastoralists had respected your properties but now Henceforth, expect destructions.

    Sad though.


    • Why should you be allowed to graze peacefully, when you can’t even look after your own grazing grounds? Why have so many animals, which you can’t look after? Or you going to let the Ranchers bring their cattle to gaze on your lands? Destroying everything in your path of course, is clever.


      • My earlier comment was to the person that wrote on behalf of the Pokot. They sure have a different mind set to the normal people of this country. What is theirs is theirs and what they want of anyone else is also theirs. Definitely from another mind set.


  2. Disgusted to see such a beautiful peaceful area of Kenya fall to this level. Hoping all the lovely people up at Sosian and the surrounding area stay safe. X


  3. One of our favorite lodges wrecked by marauding bandits . Such a tragedy and an awful blot on our present Government. Is this an orchestrated insurgency such as we saw in Zimbabwe ? Now look at their economy !


  4. Horrifying and disgusting – my thoughts and sympathies with you all, it must have been scary in the extreme. I wonder how the Government hope to attract investment, when this is what happens when they are threatened subsequently. We can only hope for a radical re-think and action.


  5. Will not happen until you get rid of the weakest link ‘Uhuru Kenyatta’ . But is there a suitable alternative? Greed I’m afraid 😳Enough is never enough.


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