Day 56,57 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 177,178 – Sunday 5th, Monday 6th

Monday – Foot patrol teams out all day, 3 rebreaks … used by bicycles and motorbikes stealing firewood which hopefully will get less and less after our meeting on Saturday with the community and by keeping on top of the patrolling. Midday ish  was called by a contact in Rumuruti who had heard from others that there was a lot of shots fired inside the farm near our  western boundary. We are not sure of what it was all about and are still checking up from other contacts. George managed to get to the crop land and retrieve some of the kit which we knew was damaged beyond repair but our priority was to get the boundary wall repaired first.  Kiangazi na Nyasi ?!!

Sunday – a calmish day here, foot patrols ongoing with 4 breaks on boundary wall which were repaired…tracks of illegal livestock -mostly small stock but a few cattle too. Mid morning neighbours on Kieni reported seeing 4 armed men with about 10 head of cattle in the farm….probably stolen cattle being moved. We decided with the current volatile situation here and with some of the Police based here joining the operation on Sosian not to get involved. Had a visit from the Nation and updated them on the current situation here……pretty hairy doing a live broadcast at 1pm in the baking hot sun !!! 

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