Tristan Voorspuy – Nation and other local press articles

Sosian ranch boss Tristan Voorspuy shot dead-

5 thoughts on “Tristan Voorspuy – Nation and other local press articles

  1. The article makes it sound as if it were Tristan’s fault for heading out on his own. No blame at all directed at the men who murdered him! Please tell us what we can do? This insanity has to stop before Kenya falls into total lawlessness. We live in Naivasha and you have a lot of support from people here. Stay strong and safe.


    • Totally agree with your comment. I am in UK and am trying to get the coverage improved and to raise concern and can only suggest that you share this with contact worldwide and ask them to write to newspapers, BBC news, MPs etc to ensure Tristan’s murder is not devalued.


  2. This is so wrong and my heart goes out to Tristan’s family and everyone who has worked so hard in partnership with the local community to create the laikipia that was a shining example of conservation, community and commercial success…..there are some insidious dark forces behind these pastoralists, arming them and funding them and encouraging this blatant vandalism…….corrupt Kenya politicians ……is where I point my finger….feathering their own bed with no regard for the cost to the country they were elected to protect, serve ……my heart is breaking….😰😰

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  3. Tristan was inly doing what he is legally entitled to do on his own land ….. riding out to look at the damage done by a bunch of sponsored outlaws . And for that he was shit and killed. For what??!!


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