Mohammed Hersi….CEO Heritage Hotels – copied from Facebook

This is the 2nd post I have copied to the blog by Mohammed Hersi – his articles are always well thought out and interesting.
Feeling concerned

The happenings in Laikipia is NOT doing any good to our fickle tourism industry and by extension Kenyas image abroad.
On a flight to Berlin this piece in Daily Telegraph caught my eye. It pains me a great deal reading such about my country. 
What is this trend that just because my piece of land and the lease from GOK is about to expire any thug can claim it or even chase me away or worse kill .

What we read about Delmonte in Muranga and now Finlay in Nandi has to worry any investor. Fact is that usual suspects are eying the land and as usual we end up devidin them into unsustainable 100×50 plots . It is the economy of spreading poverty because no serious project can ever be undertaken. Today it is one serious threat to our food security. 
We all recall the family in Nbi whose only home was destroyed one sunday morning by one of those goons. 

We have tracts of land that is lying idle but these guys are quick to target what works .

We need sanity back, lease simply means if you were not using the land in a productive manner then it can be repossessed by the state . Does Delmonte and Finlay and all the ranches look idle ?

Fact is also that the ranches that are currently under immense pressure if left to the herders it will turn into a dustbowl within months. 

If the entire Northern Kenya range land and Maasai plains has not been enough Laikipia will not solve your problem. 

Glad to note that GOK has now moved to take action . It hurts our image as a nation when international media compares Kenya with Zimbabwe where farms were forcefully taken away.  
As always I choose to remain an optimist

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