Day 59 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 180, Wednesday 8th

Security patrols by foot continue….fixing the boundary wall -7 times and seeing illegal livestock…..few herds of sheep and goats and 1 herd cattle seen inside …then more internal repair stuff on going.

I went to Nyahururu to do farm chores that have deadlines, supposedly a quick in and out but turned out much longer as my car decided not to start after I had been in NHIF….but I was rescued by friends who run a petrol station in Nyahururu, who came in minutes and jump started the car which I then left them to look at while I carried on by foot….in the bank to celebrate Women’s Day I was given a purple ribbon and a small bar of chocolate; my next stop was the NSSF office and shared my chocolate and chatted to everyone there, and then went and had a delicious fresh juice with a friend …..was good to get out and see that there is ‘normality’ out there.  Everyone is very concerned and I filled up on good vibes and positive energy and  I thank everyone I saw in Nyahururu yesterday for being so supportive. 

Got back and quickly checked up on everything before dark….quite a lot of gunfire heard in the valley below the dam….not explained yet but will find out more hopefully today.

Huge huge thanks to everyone who sent in some money for the appeal to help with all our cattle on the ranches and will keep you all upto date……total received 142404/- from friends here, in California and the U.K. – thank you so much.

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