Nation live interview 5th March

On a good day in a normal world I wouldn’t like to be interviewed, in the current situation it is not at all fun but necessary but a LIVE interview is stress to a whole different level.

The first interviews were on 1st Feb after a pretty bad time ….this time was to report on the changes which were seemingly improving but now we have more livestock returning with armed men seen daily – am hopeful that with the Police presence we can keep moving forward.

Have posted both interviews from 5th March here….. the one that was reported live at 1pm, is with the Dairy Herd in their boma. Tragically this is the same day Tristan was murdered on Sosian so doesn’t seem right that we thought things were slowly improving.

The clips for the other interview on 1st Feb can be found in the link at the bottom of post.

With thanks to Sheila Sendeyo of Nation TV for sharing the footage with me.




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