Day 68 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 190 – Friday 17th

Patrolling by foot and by vehicle accompanied by the Police all still ongoing –  a herd of 240 goats found and impounded. The previous herd caught were grazing close to the boundary, this herd found well in near the crop land- possibly thinking that only boundary patrols were accompanied by the Police. Hopefully will all be resolved peacefully like the last herd and will not return in a hurry!

Wall rebuilding ongoing, the section that was under extreme pressure and rebroken every day for days on end has been reinforced. In the photos you can see the normal width and now the extended width, close on 6ft wide with some very big and heavy rocks which should make this section to much hassle to break through. It’s hard and heavy work but better to repair it like this than the constant hassle, and if you have come in having broken through this you must know you are trespassing !!!

Gates on access road all going well and staff not being hassled which is a huge step forward.

Armed men still known to be in the area although not seen for a couple of days.

Ol Maisor, Sosian and Suyian are still under extreme pressure but illegal grazers must have inside information as 2 trucks were spotted loading cattle and driving away, this happened over the previous operation too……

Parts of Laikipia have now been declared “Disturbed and Dangerous Areas” for 30 days which will hopefully improve things, and now H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta has giving the order for the KDF to be deployed to Laikipia as well as Baringo. This we hope will enable the situation to be brought under control and the area cleaned up of illegal cattle but also the illegal weapons and the hundreds of armed men. We have to hope and believe and pray that law and order and peace will be restored.

Yes this is now a drought – it wasn’t when all this started late last year ….now a convinient excuse…’s not about Kiangazi na Nyasi. 

Please keep SHARING about what is going on in Laikipia.

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