Day 72 -of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 194 -Tuesday 21st

More foot patrols on going and only 4 breaks in the boundary wall and this by opportunistic neighbours stealing firewood, sadly cutting down beautiful olive trees. BUT this too we will get control of. More wall reinforcement happening in the vulnerable areas, takes a lot of time moving huge rocks into place but will be worth the effort long term. 

 Met up with a couple of small holder farmers so they can share their story to a journalist – so much of the reporting so far has been focused on the so called ‘white ranches’ but so many more people have been affected.

We as affected Rancher’s in Laikipia West had a meeting with County Police Commander’s who were in the area ahead of the imminent joint Police /KDF operation and all agreed that law and order should be restored in Laikipia and we are encouraged that this will happen. As you all know this is a very sensitive issue and updates will continue to be posted with the factual day to day accounts as appropriate.
Yes this is now a drought – it wasn’t when all this started late last year ….now a convinient excuse…’s not about Kiangazi na Nyasi.

Please keep SHARING about what is going on in Laikipia.

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