Day 75 – of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 197- Friday 24th

Another week almost done…..
Wall reinforcing still ongoing….tough work for our team of guys who continue hefting rocks day in day out but will be a huge achievement when it’s finally done. It’s amazing with the kilometres and kilometres of stone wall already built over the last 60 years that there is any rock left but it keeps on appearing !! 

Pokot owners of the small stock impounded came and paid their fine and headed off with their goats, took a while but by midday all was sorted.
The guys doing foot patrols repaired 4 breaks in the boundary wall and then came across a herd of cattle which they impounded and brought back to the yards with support from the NPR’s. 
The cattle belong to an opportunistic neighbour who works out of the area. Frustrating that after 2 long meetings trying to get things back to normal there is always a few people who don’t want to toe the line. I spoke to the owner by phone and explained then situation and that we would hold his cattle until a fine was paid – this was done through Mpesa and relatives who had attended both community meetings came and collected the cattle just after dark and the cattle were escorted off the farm by the Police based here.
Yes this is now a drought – it wasn’t when all this started late last year ….now a convinient excuse…’s not about Kiangazi na Nyasi. 
Please keep SHARING about what is going on in Laikipia

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