2 thoughts on “The Aggett’s: They call Laikipia their home

  1. Is there any chance of getting a message to Gill? We farmed in OJK when they were in Subukia and we were great mates…..I have heard she is not so well, so please can you pass on salaams from me? (Prue Onslow). I am following events so closely and have been sending info to The Daily Telegraph and the BBC on a regular basis…for all the good they seem to be taking. Best wishes Prue

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    • Dear Prue, I am Gill’s daughter, think I friended you on Facebook but maybe you didn’t make the connection. Mum was living on the farm but due to her being a bit frail after her stroke we decided as the situation here deteriorated that on a calm day we would move her and her carer’s off the farm so she could go I an organized way and with dignity instead of in a crazy rush in an emergency. She is safe and well and recently caught up with some old rafikis which has done her the world of good. I will pass on your love. Mingi thanks Maria


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