Day 78 -of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 201 – Tuesday 28th

More wall reinforcing ongoing and foot patrols on boundary and through the farm – only 2 breaks which is amazing ! But then the foot patrols reported in finding big herds of goats accompanied by at least one armed man. Police were alerted but the majority of the team have been away assisting with the operation and so couldn’t accompany the farm security and team of NPR’s who headed off and managed to take control of approx 700 head of goats which were driven back to the yards and locked up. The armed man seen, disappeared into thick bush.

As the operation continues the situation gets more volatile on all the farms, with armed men seen leaving the operational space and moving back with livestock and firearms to previously and currently illegally occupied areas. 
The enormity of the problem has been downplayed for so long, the KDF/Police operation is ongoing, and will take time as the area to cover is vast and the problem so much bigger than anyone believes. We have to stay positive and hope and pray that illegal guns will be collected, law and order will be restored, and peace will return to Laikipia – but there is still a long bumpy road ahead of us.
Ol Maisor, Sosian, Suyian Ranches still under extreme pressure.
Yes this is now a drought – it wasn’t when all this started late last year ….now a convinient excuse…’s not about Kiangazi na Nyasi.
Please keep SHARING about what is going on in Laikipia.

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