Update – Suyian Ranch – 28th March

Morning flight –  

Suyian has an increase now 373 herds × 170=63000 aprox. These herds are spread over 36 different locations. 

Sosian now 64 herds ×170, 10800 a further 60 herds are in the Suyian count but grazing and watering on Sosian. Sosian boma’s very spread out. 

Ol-Maisor now 37 herds also smaller × 150=5500. 20 of these are very scattered West of Corner Mbaya. Borehole south 2 herds,borehole West 13 and North 1, Corner dam 1 herd. Nasore dam still with water.

4 thoughts on “Update – Suyian Ranch – 28th March

  1. I thought the government were going to get them all evicted. You must feel as if you are living in a forgotten world with no one on your side. We are so sad for you. Don’t give up on meetings, media help etc. keep up your hope for a reasonable outcome and rain. We feel so useless in our powerlessness to help. So sorry.


    • Dear Margeret, thank you so much for all your support to us all going through this crazy time. The Police and KDF are in the area but as you know it’s a vast area, difficult terrain and a bigger problem than most people believe. We just have to keep positive and hope and pray that it will be resolved soon. Maria


  2. So, all the talk about Police, GSU, KDF, etc moving the stock off these ranches was all so much hot air? What happened – are they frightened of a few lawless thugs with guns?


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