Kuki Gallmann – part 2 

Message from Kuki Gallmann part 2 #WeShallOvercomeAnd today

 2 April 2017
I woke up determined this morning and walked into my garden grateful to see another dawn : hundreds of birds greeted me from the stumps and shriveled shrubs of the prolonged drought that has hit this part of Laikipia.
Ol Ari Nyiro hills and valleys stretch out in front of me as they have since million years with the forests and silent creatures that I have managed to protect.

 It is not yet over but I want to reassure you all:
Evil will not be allowed to overcome the love and passion, the enthusiasm and resolve that has carried me through the worst of tragedies.
The spirit is unbroken.

I shall re build the Mukutan Retreat that honoured my Son’s memory in the place he loved most and it will be splendid and different, a place of prayer, healing and inspiration, a place of pilgrimage to the origins of us all.
In the next few days plans will unfold and I will be back to you about rebirth: a new Project Phoenix Is being hatched.

I have not yet been there yet : I wanted to gather my thoughts – and now I have.
Today Sunday with my staff I shall go again to our Ol Moran gate to distribute food relief to my closest neighbours that have been affected by the drought, as I have done every Sunday since early January.

And tomorrow morning I shall go to visit the Mukutan and the Retreat ruins:
Fear not :
I am alive my spirit holds and I shall never give up

Sveva Gallmann and Nigel Croft-Adams have been and are immensely brave and of course to ensure the child, Nashipae safety as it’s the major concern

Kuki Gallmann

at home In Kuti

Ol Ari Nyiro

Laikipia Nature Conservancy
2 April 2017

5 thoughts on “Kuki Gallmann – part 2 

  1. Kuki defies the evil of the world and shows us what to do in the face of such a horrid event. May the spirit of those hills and forests sustain you in the rebuilding of your Phoenix and keep your family safe. Xxx


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