Day 86 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 209 – Wednesday 5th April

A break from wall building today, after the short sharp rain yesterday it’s not a good idea to even try build stonewall…just too easy to get hurt so the wall building crew spent time fixing up some roads which is great. 

Four breaks in boundary stonewall found and repaired by the foot patrol crew, no police supported patrols as most of the personel are away helping with the operation further north. 

Two herds of goats were seen inside, one mob ran out as soon as they saw the Security teams and only a few were impounded and then another  biggish mob of about 300 found and all impounded. Very likely they are repeat offenders. 

We are still hearing of reports of armed men having moved back into the area and today reports of some herds of cattle leaving Ol Maisor and heading back this way. Extremely frustrating but with the current Police support and the farm security we will we hope stay on top of things.

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