Just Giving  pages – now for US$ and UK£

For donations in UK £, please use:


For donations in US$, please use:


We are looking into streamlining Mpesa donations too……
Thanks for your patience…..I never imagined it could be this complicated.

To reassure you all that the money will be used correctly I will be setting up a volunteer committee with people across Laikipia so that the money reaches the right people, this will be a cross section of ranchers, community leaders and Government officials. 

The money will be used in different ways…..Laikipia is a diverse county with many different communities and individuals that have suffered in different ways ….we envisage a lot of different options and want to be flexible so as to help as many people as possible.

Thank you all so much.


2 thoughts on “Just Giving  pages – now for US$ and UK£

  1. Dear Maria, I have been following your posts for some time and admiring the strength of you and yours, while hurting for you and everything that you represent. Are you able to take MPESA donations yet? There was something of it coming to your number but I seem to have deleted that. Thanks, Bryony

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