Ol Maisor Ranch – 16th April

The first news of the morning from Nyahururu General Hospital that our member of staff had passed away -so not a great start.  

Invading cattle here everywhere. All the cattle that supppsedly left alot have gravitated to Nightingales block where reports from the air indicate they havent even bothered to boma. 
Todays carnage includes widespread vanadalism and cutting of fences. Our new security houses made of concrete vandalised (somehow -they are very keen). Our security boxes made of hefty steel plate and covered paddlock which we thought where pastoralist proof have been found wanting. These guys are very determined. An energiser and 12 volt battery nicked (not to worry only a cool 180,000/-). In total now that’s a total of 5 separate security post houses and posessions vandalized and stuff nicked or broken. I would say now at least 10 km of Fenceline has been totally cut up.
All the ngombies from other farms we have given a hand to and our own are bomad at the house where there is not much grass for fear of the usual armed robbery with violence which we are so used to. Not much else going on except trying to cover our backsides every evening of which the six police we have been allocated are a great help!

2 thoughts on “Ol Maisor Ranch – 16th April

  1. Terrible. It sounds as if the Government have lost control. What is the future of our beef industry, conservancies and National Parks with the pastoralists barging in everywhere they can. Local militias hold sway. Are the County Governments setting up there own fiefdoms ?


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