Kuki Gallmann- 23rd April

A brief note –

Kuki Gallmann of Laikipia Nature Conservancy has been evacuated to Nairobi with a gunshot wound.

She has arrived safely in Nairobi and is heading into theatre.

Our thoughts and hopes and prayers are with Kuki and her family.

7 thoughts on “Kuki Gallmann- 23rd April

  1. This is absolutely terrible, who next ?
    Does the Government of Kenya know how much damage this episode will do to the already faltering tourist industry ?


  2. Kuki represented many things for Kenya,..,,,a positive outlook about Kenya future amongst them and Tourism in general.This senseless shooting will have far reaching affects to Travel Agents planning tours and hospitality for 2018/19 seasons.Tour operators and Airlines work closely hands on.
    Kenya Govt are shooting themselves in the foot allowing the carnage in Laikipia to go on unpunished.
    Our prayers go out to Kuki and her family as also Tristan and others living in fear of the night.
    John Hayes.


  3. Are thoughts and prayers with all of you so impacted by these terrible invasions, those who have lost lives, livestock, properties, irrespective of colour creed or tribe…their families, and everyone….so wish we could do more to help


    • The latest news from Laikipia is devastating for Everyone in the Tourism industry in Kenya and around the World but more especially for Kuki and her family – she’s worked so hard all these years helping the Africans for their own good, she definitely didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

      May your hospital stay be a short one and your emergency treatment be successful. God bless you and your family and pray that all will return to normality soon.


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