Update on elephant calf rescued on Sosian Ranch in February

Received from Sosian – 28th April

On the 20th of February a wounded elephant cow was spotted – she has been shot in the shoulder and was together with her calf but in obvious discomfort. She was found again on the morning of the 21st Feb and could barely walk. The decision was made to put down the cow and rescue the calf.
The calf was darted and the herd gathered round it protectively but we managed to get the calf in the car with its dead mother now lying nearby. The calf was then flown out to join the growing number of orphaned elephant calves in Northern Kenya who are helpless victims in this so called search for pasture by people who have destroyed their own grazing and care for little else except themselves. Thanks to KWS , NRT and Tropic Air for making this happen

Huge thanks to RESCUE and Reteti Elephant Sanctuary who funded and organised the whole operation. 
Update 1 from Reteti Elephant Sanctuary – He was not in good shape when he got here – a lot of grief in his eyes. I spent the most of the day at his stable as he was desperate for some company and love. It’s incredible to see these other orphans react to him it’s as if they already understand his sadness. I hope the cattle issues get resolved soon. We are thinking of you guys and hoping no more wildlife gets caught in the crossfire. We have another calf coming in from Mugie tomorrow – same thing. Katie
Update 2 from Reteti Elephant Sanctuary – I wanted to give a quick update on Sosian ( the calf that came to us for you guys ) poor thing is pretty traumatized, but the other elies picked that up straight away and are an incredible support to him. He took a bottle from us straight away and is slotting in very quickly. Below a few picks of our herd meeting Sosian. Salaams to all there and pls do come and see us one day soon. Katie

Photo credit – Katie, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

8 thoughts on “Update on elephant calf rescued on Sosian Ranch in February

  1. This is all so sad but Sosian the baby Lee from there sounds as though he is recovering with other babies in the same boat!!!

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    • Hi Keith, I am not sure I can do that but will try if you use the contact form and can get your details…..not sure if you took yourself off or what happened , maybe try following again ……maybe from a computer not from phone or iPad?? Sorry not more helpful…thanks Maria


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