Day 112 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 235 – Monday 1st May

The 1 mm of rain yesterday evening  barely stopped the dust and despite being a holiday the Foot Patrol Crew were out on the boundary and repaired 10 breaks in the boundary stone wall. A big improvement on yesterday but both Samburu and Pokot livestock still accessing the farm mainly at night. 

We got more rain during the day 2 short but heavy storms with a far bit of thunder and lightning and then a crazy reminder of our worst time in all this craziness – In January when we were fired upon in our compound every day for over 3 weeks in a row….well today the evidence appeared with some pretty serious leaks from the bullet holes in the mabati which quickly soaked through the ceiling board and were drip drip dripping  pretty rapidly. Yet another repair job that needs to be done but not the end of the world and will get sorted before too long or we’ll rearrange the furniture and leave a bucket ready.

2 thoughts on “Day 112 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 235 – Monday 1st May

  1. Hope no holes in your buckets, I sigh at the futility of it all. You are all a huge example to us all of resilience and courage.


    • Dear Maggie, thanks for your message….hopefully no holes in the buckets but just a tiny drizzle today and no leak… up,worrying about the roof and fixing it…might just chase the rain away !! Thank you so so much for being with us from the very beginning, messages from our friends like you are what keep us going….some days are tough, others tougher but then there are the days that although aren’t back to normal you can achieve stuff and feel like you’re getting somewhere. None of us could cope without the huge support out there keeping us going….Mingi Mingi thanks xx


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