Mugie Ranch -2nd May

Just received from Mugie Ranch – 

Still huge amounts of sheep and goats on our north west, trying to work out how to get rid of them now, they do claim they are going to leave but I’m not convinced!
Wildlife still dying but more spread out with the rain so not so obvious.

A Pokot committed suicide yesterday as almost all his stock had died from disease and the last remaining ones got stolen by Samburu!

We are closing all gaps in the fence now so will see how that goes.

Big rain out west today so hopefully it will pull the Pokot back west.

2 thoughts on “Mugie Ranch -2nd May

  1. To think this began with the tribes being intimidated into moving south and invading ranches through politics and not the drought really – people of all colours have died for no sensible reason and now a Pokot herder a long long way from home.

    Africa doesn’t want the mazungu, but they forget without our input they’d have nothing.


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