Day 116 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 239 – Friday 5th May

A depressing start to the day to find that one of our dairy cows didn’t make it through the night, very sad especially as the last weak one managed to turn a corner and recover. 

And so the day continued…..

The Foot Patrol crew came across 13 fixable breaks in the boundary stone wall which they repaired and then came across a section of  over 10 meters that has been systematically broken and rocks thrown far from the line. As they approached luckily they noticed there were quite a few possibly armed men moving around in the area both inside and outside the farm and there was the very real chance of an ambush so without backup they avoided confrontation and skirted round. They later came across 7 men well inside the farm on the look out. This has all been reported to the Police and within the next few days we hope things will calm down again. No stock found inside the farm but sign of them accessing the farm at night and leaving early morning.

All the impounded stock has been released with some more arrests.

We have had a little rain….only 5mm in the last 4 days, the rain is around but skirting round us each day which makes us wonder what the illegal cattle are eating as our own cattle are battling, and the biggest tragedy is that as soon as the grass starts growing anywhere around us and on the farm there are thousands of sheep and goats munching it long long before it gets more than a couple of inches tall and way before it has any chance of flowering and seeding.

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