Mugie Ranch – 5th May

Just received from Mugie – 

1000’s and 1000’s of sheep and goats still in our north west corner of the farm, 1000’s of cattle again in the same area. 

Having gone round telling them to now leave a large number are ok with the idea but some are still saying they won’t leave. There seems to be an issue between the guys from far and the normal neighbours who called in this invasion who now have no balls to tell the far off lot to go home, they tell us they want them gone and we should do kick them out but they don’t seem to be stepping up to help because they are afraid of them!
We had 21 steers stolen today, fortunately for us they pushed them straight into a herd on the way to the dip so never got too far. The herdsman was ruffled up, money, phone, shirt and a few other thing stolen from him.

Wildlife still dying daily. A large amount of cattle are also starting to die as well. 

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