Day 117 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 240 – Saturday 6th May

A long day after an unsettled night with shots heard at about 1.30 am. Checks were done that all watchman were alert and ready but nothing more happened.

An extremely long and tough day for the Foot Patrol crew with 30 breaks in the boundary stone wall including the long section left from yesterday. Some breaks used by large numbers of stock accessing the farm at night and many others just as a wind up and to slow down our progress- very frustrating!! 

Reports of some Pokot cattle leaving the area today and supposedly others leaving tomorrow.

Thousands of Samburu small stock and cattle on Lombara and accessing the farm at night with a lot of bomas visible.

Police assisting  with patrolling the boundary and internally and more damage been seen with very old Acacia nilotica’s being cut down.

Farm cattle hanging in…and a few mm’s of rain this afternoon will have helped with getting some grass growing.

Huge thanks again are due to all the amazing support we all receive from friends both locally and across the world. 

A new initiative by a good friend to many of us in Laikipia is a sponsored motorcycle ride across Kenya by the Dusty Helmets crew – please support them if you can and please continue to SHARE our posts. 

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