Suyian Ranch – 5th May

Just received from Suyian –

No illegal grazers over most of the farm all the bomas that were forcibly moved have not returned to Suyian but have moved onto another ranch! Or bomad on community land and grazing private land day and night. We have 2 or 3 bomas only . Now wildlife is drifting back to where it was before the invasion. A huge number of impala have been killed Now you see groups if 4 to 8 only! I have counted 13 buffalo so far when before this invasion we shared very large herds with Loisaba and Sosian easily up to 1,500 or more buffalo in our area. I have not seen a waterbuck yet! Very distressing this continuous killing of wildlife. There are still bomas near outspan and on Sosian but grazing Suyian. They have guns and fired a shot at a Suyian farm car last week whilst police officers tried to move them.

On a more cheerful note it has rained and wildlife is getting back some strength. …what’s left anyway..

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