Kuki Gallmann – poem -6th May

Nairobi 6th May At the Aga Khan Hospital

Sounds of a restless town filtering 

through open curtains 

Drones of engines

vehicles of all kinds

going nowhere everywhere
Awake in my bed of pains 

in the peculiar silence

 of hospitals breathing with suffering strangers 
I am determined 

this should not be in vain
I hang to the grander Vision

Of the African Renaissance 

Temple of all spirituality

On the rim of the world 


-blues and purples and greens-

And distances


3 thoughts on “Kuki Gallmann – poem -6th May

  1. I’m sending Sveva and Nigel and your little girl many thoughts and prayers for Mama’s. Full blessed recovery. I’m.praying for her. I’m Nigel ‘s Daf’s best friend from 1954 when I first met his wonderful Dad Christian and i go each two months to visit Nigel’s mum and sister Sarah – you WILL all come thru this vi have been in touch getting blogs everyday and suffering – so much 1,0000th less- but i love your part of Kenya. I worked always got wananchi in Kenya founded – with prof Kasili, a Great man / haematologist – the hospice in Nairobi from which have grown 12 more. Many people here are thinking of you. I send. Blogs to 15 or so each day – us kenyans who love Kenya and it’s peoples too. much love and MUCH prayer. Jane Moore xxx


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