Day 122 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 245 –  Thursday 11th May

We received a message late last night from Ngarua Police that armed men had stolen livestock from a homestead near Salama. 18 head of cattle and about 100 head of sheep / goats. No one was injured during the theft. 

Our Foot Patrol crew went out on their routine patrol but alerted to look for tracks etc as well as repair the breaks in the boundary stone wall. 8 breaks were found but not all repaired due to following up on tracks.  Police from Salama followed up from their side. and came to ask for access to look inside Kifuku. Our security mobilized and went out with them to likely areas, more Police back up followed shortly after. The Foot Patrol crew called in to say they were being fired upon and the security team arrived. A gunfight ensued which resulted in the recovery of 17 of the 18 head of cattle. 

The sheep / goats were not seen but likely to have moved through in the night.

While on Patrol in likely hideouts an elephant carcass was found with tusks intact and KWS alerted who came and retrieved the tusks. A large bull elephant shot in the LHS hip / rump in the last 4 or 5 days and not far from our boundary with Lombara which is overrun with illegal Samburu livestock.

Huge thanks to our Kifuku security team and the Salama Police, OCPD Ngarua and the AP’s based here.

A good feeling to have helped one of our small holder farmers who are also part of the ongoing chaos here in Laikipia.  

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