Laikipia Nature Conservancy – 14th May

Just received from LNC – 

Last evening approx 18:20 a vehicle dropping staff at Makena Hills lodge was fired on by Pokot in the area of Dam Kiboko. Initial contact was made and a minimum of 2 weapons fired as the vehicle was approaching the dam. Fortunately vehicle had 4 AP on board who returned fire. On climbing hill from Dam they encountered another 7 armed Pokot driving a herd of at least 250 cattle into the dam. A gun fight ensued, with our vehicle miraculously passing through the cattle without being hit or any one being hurt. The vehicle and team arrived back at HQ safely.
In addition another building of ours has been burnt at Fuko 1. GSU attended however they did not find anyone. Fire started at approx. 17:30.

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