Mugie Ranch – 14th May

Just received from Mugie – 

Lots of cattle rustling between Pokot and Samburu over the last few days and indications of more to come with Pokot coming up from Tangulbei, Baringo. 

Pokot now night grazing on us but only one or two herds during the day. We caught one herd and have closed them up in a boma. No owners have come to claim the cattle yet so ASTU are taking care of them. 

Other herds we found just before nightfall, we attempted to return to centre and ASTU. Pokot responded by returning with their guns. We will try again to keep them out tomorrow alongside ASTU. New ASTU local commander very supportive but under resourced. 

Video clip shows how uncontrolled livestock movement is hideously damaging to our country’s economy and for the government to allow it to continue is hugely unethical when people are crying out for food. Why provide drought/famine relief when you aren’t prepared to put simple controls in place to prevent it and prevent the wastage of food – our cattle?


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