Ol Maisor Ranch – 15th May

Just received from Ol Maisor – 
Update the house was burnt, we followed the tracks with sniffer dogs straight to some long term neighbours who we have rented grass to for over 10 years with their boma about a km from the boundary. Gives one that warm glowing feeling deep down to know we have helped them for so long its great they could finally repay. Two guns were found. 

Many thanks to neogbours who sent there teams to assist.

One thought on “Ol Maisor Ranch – 15th May

  1. The veneer of civilisation was ever thin in Africa. Now it is rapidly wearing away and people are revealing their true natures. Alas the more they perceive themselves as getting away with their actions the more blatant and reckless they are becoming. If this isnt stopped soon the road to anarchy will be wide open and heavily travelled. Soon only a very tough approach will be enough to halt the invasion from becoming a permanent occupation.

    Its sad to watch so many livelyhoods being destroyed, so much land being laid waste and so much wildlife being killed.


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