Ol Maisor Ranch – 16th May

Just received from Ol Maisor

Some photos from the house torched by neighbouring pastoralists.

The suspects are Samburu not Pokot as reported in the Star article.

It is coming to light that they tried there best to murder the manager of that particular section with projectiles removed from the concrete around his door. 

As for the house everything inside burnt, and makuti roof totally destroyed. Concrete floor cracked from the heat and windows finished. Verandah roof collapsed. 
Sniffer dogs lead us straight to the neighbour who literally didnt cover his tracks. We suspect they took the decision to burn as they were upset by us catching them illegal grazing at all hours of the day almost every day. 

Now the rains have come and they have grass-  but taking ours is cost effective, highly profitable longterm and lets your own grass grow. Free grazing is better because you can expand your operation for free.

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