Day 128 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 251 – Wednesday 17th May – update on incident

To update on the incident this morning – our member of staff is hospitalized in Nanyuki and we hope and pray he will make a full recovery in the coming weeks.

Huge thanks to our whole security patrol team who acted very calmly and very controlled during the extremely dangerous situation and in calling the backup which managed to reach them in record time and assist in the situation and getting the injured man out.

Huge thanks also to the AP’s and Police who responded swiftly and came to the scene and patrolled the area and the whole farm. 

It would appear the Samburu bandits who had been bomaed on Lombara were all packed up and most of them left with the livestock during the night leaving the gang behind for a last bit of retailiation before they go and continue the same elsewhere.

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