Ol Maisor Ranch – 17th May

Just received from Ol Maisor

Update is that we keep fixing the fence. Every night around 7.00 pm it is cut. Around 500 head is pushed in, in around five or six places. Today actually found them cutting the fence with the original pliers (panga and rock). Cattle still in the wheat block. Pushed in and left to mill around and then taken out in the evening fence there we didnt bother fixing as too badly damaged! Other than that a lot of cattle seem to have left our eastern boundary with Sosian. Whether they have just moved onto Sosian or left for good not too sure. Weaned some calves today all very light and in poor nick after having all their grass nicked so will have to supplement them heavily to get them back on track. Thats about it I think. Hope your security  bloke is alright a rough start to the day.

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