Day 136 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 259 – Thursday 25th May 

Foot patrol crew fixed 1 break in boundary stone wall…invaders are getting clever and rebuilding it after coming in to disguise their entry and then rested for more patrolling later in the evening to try catch some of the repeat offenders who are opportunistic neighbours trying their luck and other gangs of thugs who we now know are taking advantage of the general insecurity. 
For some days there have been stock thefts happening on the small holder farms on our southern boundary and some of the stolen livestock being found on Kifuku as was the case when our security got into a firefight with Turkana rustlers and recovered 17 head of cattle. 
Last night was no different…our security and NPR’s came across cattle accessing the farm at about 9.30 at night…a firefight ensued, luckily no one was hurt and our team were finally picked up and back at base at about 1am. Police have been informed and hopefully in the next few days with stepped up patrolling this will be stopped and hopefully some stolen stock recovered and returned to their owners.

Major stonewall work almost complete and a new barrier has been fitted at the Kieni gate after a truck did some interesting driving and broke the gate! 

The first mat of barley was taken up to the cattle who had to be fair, already had their evening ration of ranch cubes and hay but they were not too impressed !! Most of it was eaten by this morning and as the days go by and they will get used to it will give them a boost.

2 thoughts on “Day 136 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 259 – Thursday 25th May 

    • Hi Kitty…..a very new thing…..just looking at options to keep our cattle going…..a total of 11 days so far…..!!! Barley fed on day 9 of growing ..and soaked for a few hours before spreading out….now tryin to persuade the cattle to eat it……not too impressed on day 1 and 2 ….but am sure will soon be considered delicious new addition to their diet….fingers crossed!


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