Ol Maisor Ranch – 26th May

Just received from Ol Maisor

Update from Ol Maisor is the normal crap. 

Fence line in tatters but keep fixing it daily up to half way up the farm the rest going north is too much of a mess to think about. 

About 2000 head accessing daily from Narok Estate and Mutamayo at the northern end. 

First two photos is a good illustration of us vs narok which looks like it has been limad. Which it has but by cattle, sheep and goat hooves and not a plough. I imagine in another six months of been harrassed daily with thousands of head of livestock accessing both sides of the fence will look the same, in which case we will most likely have a good old relxing time.

Oh……Except for our cattle which will be dead of starvation by then!

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