Day 139 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 262- Sunday 28th May 

About 10 shots heard about 10 pm last night – hard to pinpoint exactly where but no obvious explanation as yet but working with different leads to confirm.
Zero breaks in boundary stonewall – and patrols continued internally after checking the boundary. 

Grass left is shriveling up fast now and although rain around today none here sadly.

Cattle loving the maize stalks added to their ration along with the barley and the ranch nuts and hay….hopefully their condition with slowly improve but nice to spend time with them this evening.

An update on the 1 dead elephant found here, the tusks weighed 26 kg and 23 kg (approx 57lbs and 50lbs) – a sad end. 

Lots of interest in our barley – still an experiment and work in progress but some more photos showing how we water it with knapsack sprayers. In theory for each kg of dry seed we should be able to get 7- 8 kgs of green fodder after 9 days, we havnt weighed the green fodder yet as not quite happy with the results yet and tweaking things to improve it.

4 thoughts on “Day 139 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 262- Sunday 28th May 

  1. Watching from Los Angeles here and congratulate you on your courage and never ending efforts to maintain your farms and animals. The barley feed is brilliant.
    I do have a question…what do you mean when you refer to a ‘boma’? I’ve seen different definitions…village, hut, etc. but it doesn’t seem to fit when I’m reading your reports. Is it a camp site? Corral? Please let me know.

    Carry on…I admire you all.


    • Hi Hanna, thanks so much for your support and thoughts – to answer your question – boma or boma’s are like you guessed corral’s for livestock, can be permanent like here we have some boma’s where cattle are kept at night, or more temporary made out of cut acacia brush…..hope answers your question properly?! Maria


      • Thank you …next question: when I read that you came across 4 bomas, are those yours or did those naughty men build them quickly for their own (or stolen) cattle/goats/sheep? I am only familiar with the Maasai Mara from my rides and in January 2016 the grass was up to my sweet horses nose! He was a shorter fella and could munch while going point to point! So, I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time with the drought and hope the rains come full bore soon!


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